Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emotional Clutter

I've been feeling a little down lately so for this weeks reading, i felt like using a Emotional clutter spread that was used in a COS a few weeks ago. It's a five card spread that helps with finding out about issues that may be affecting your life. The reading was a kind of confusing for me as most of the cards turned up reversed.
1.)What kind of emotional clutter have i accumulated?
2.)How is it affecting me?
3.)How is it affecting my relationships with others?
4.)What steps can i take to remove this clutter?
5.)What can i do to avoid accumulating clutter in the future?
1.)Six of pentacles
From this card, i think the clutter it may be referring to is my need to try and help who i can that mabye now is the time to focus on aspects of my own life, on the other hand it could be pointing to my being to dependant on others, or taking to much interest in material things. I think the balancing of this card plays a big role as things are a bit jumbled at the moment.
2.)The Sun(rx)
The Sun to me is a very positive card whether upright or reversed, and i think it emphasises the fact well that things are'nt as bad as they seem. The events in my life have all come from good intentions and try to do the right thing, so i agree with this card in saying that the energy needed may take a little longer to refresh.
3.)Princess of cups(rx)
The way in which this princess is holding her chalice suggests to me that things she values in life really mean alot to her and she dose'nt want to let them go, or let anything come between them. Because the card is reversed is my case the only thing i can think of is that my current clutter is preventing me from making new connections and putting a strain on my current ones, as because the princess is now reversed, it's harder for her to hold on to that cup.
4.)Ace of Wands(rx)
My initial instincts told tell me that this card needs to be turned upright. The bright sun in this card i think represents coming into the light and laying things out in the open. The passion to carry on is there but i think with the ace reversed, it is advising to not take on anything new at this stage. I feel with this card i need to gain the positive power of the Ace upright.
5.)Four of pentacles(rx)This is the second time the Four has been the final card of my reading, and once again im pretty confused as to its meaning in this position. What i get is the card is saying i should be more open with who i help in telling them how i can handle things. This card is very confusing so ill just stop there lol.
Overall i think this reading shows how issues in my life need to be taken care of and how they are at this time. It will take me awhile i think to understand it clearly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New business.

For this weeks reading, i decided to do to try the lunar spread also found in the Druidcraft book, and the question i asked was "How will the new business take off". It is a smaller spread so also added some pictures. The spread i found is very usefull in new beginnings. The positions of the cards were,
1)The place of the unknown
2)The place of the known
3)The place of promise
4)The place of increase
5)The place of fulfilment
6)The place of rebirth
With this card relating to the fears and anxieties of the issue, i think firstly it points to the fears of never really getting off the ground, or on the other hand, focusing to much that nothing else matters. With Cernunnos standing watch in the back round though, another fear of somebody else might be getting involved and try to take control, leaving little else to do.
2)Princess of Wands
This cards position basically stands for hopes and wishes in the situation. I think it very clearly emphasizes the enthusiasm being put in, and wish for a healthy start. The princess is almost poised for action so i think this suggests hoping the business is solid enough to keep itself running with constant attention, as well as something that everybody can relate to.
3)Ten of Cups
With this card i think it compliments the purpose of the business in it is to provide a comfortable, loving environment through its use. Security and a feeling of satisfaction. As advice for the beginning stages, i think this card relates to having a positive attitude filled with confidence. Use you intuition and don,t be six to ask a game every now and then from friends or family.
I think the horn plays a significant part in signifying a need to reach out and let people know, rather than sitting idly by as then nothing will happen. Also i think not to be afraid to embrace change, which may come from long business hours eating into other aspects.
5)Queen of Swords
The queen relates to the potential outcome of the situation. If i look back to 2nd card, the situation started with a Princess and is ending with a Queen, so i think this points to a potentialy positive outcome, but with Swords, i think the road may be a bit difficult and a willingness to adapt as Rebirth comes before the Queen.
6)Four of Pentacles
What this position basicaly refers to is what is needed to let go of in order for this new creativity to aspire. It possibly is advising to accept things with a little more grace, and make sure things are kept in control and in order with some help from others. Im not to sure about this card, as to me it conflicts with the basic idea of expanding a business. Or possibly i need to look at it a little closer.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A reading on whats to come

Things have been going ok lately, but there is an issue i need an answer to so i asked the cards "What can i expect in the upcoming weeks?" Its a question that has been on mind for quite a while now, so i thought id get a little guidance on the matter. The spread i chose for the reading is the Awen spread from the Druidcraft book and i think it worked rather well.
Cards 1, 4, 7 ~ Guiding ideas, Past
Queen of wands, The Lord, Nine of cups(rx)
With these three cards i think there is a certain amount of control that is apparent. The Queen and Lord side by side in the spread so i think this points to an arrangement of both enthusiasm as well as order. The nine i feel may be preparation of whats to come and need to clear out unwanted baggage. All three figures are seated, so i think grounding myself is the best option, as well as all three holding an object upright and firmly which could emphasise the point of solidity in structure and control. Overall what i feel is a wild time to begin with, but coming into focus later on.
Cards 2, 5, 8~ Emotional influences/factors
3 of swords(rx), The Hanged man, 8 of swords
The three of swords in the Past line, is indicating the sorrow that has been a big part for a long time, but now is passing as i enter into the stages of comfort and understanding in the hanged man. But ending with the eight of swords explains my current spot if things continue on this path. I think as the 3 is in the past, the main thing to focus on right now is to reclaim the peace that was lost, before any more sharp conflicts stir. I am happy to be in this phase, as i feel it is one of required transition.
Cards 3, 6, 9 ~ Effects in the physical world
Princess of cups, Queen of swords, Four of pentacles(rx)
What i personaly feel with these cards is they are showing the people to influence in a manner of speaking. The princess, i good friend who has been with me since almost the start, and the Queen a person who'e opinion matter alot. I think it may be these two will help turn the four rightside up.
When looking at the spread, i can definately see a pattern emerging but will need to examine it further to understand the elements better. I will be doing a follow up reading of this reading soon this week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spirit Guide Spread

For this weeks reading i decided to use K.K's spirit guide spread to see if there was a special message for me from my guide. For those who dont know the positions are,
1.)What should i remember that i am forgetting.
2.)What is my spirit guide trying to tell me?
3.)What is the advice my spirit guide is giving me?
4.)What would the outcome be if i followed this path?
I think this is a really interesting spread hat has alot to offer the reader.
1.) 10 of Cups(rx)
I think this card is pointing to my current situation with a friend of mine, and the overall message is that the conflict that is currently between us is uncalled for and totally senseless. We have always spoken of long term commitments leading to a prosperous future but recently have had an arguement that needs to be resolved.
2.) 4 of Cups
New and exciting things are being offered if i only take the time to heed the message and allow my inner self the choice of accepting them and moving forward. Or then again, this card could be speaking again of my conflict and stressing the need to relax and not antagonise it even further.
3.) The World(rx)
This card has come up twice so far this week, three times if you count the once upright and twice reversed. I believe the advice is once again telling me to make the choice of moving forward and not letting doubt and confusion take hold. I should Dance freely so that i can fully embrace the gifts The World upright has to offer.
4.) The Star
Its not often i recieve this card in a reading, but when i do i take it as a very positive message being sent. In its position i feel if i take the advice my guide has given me, there are only bright and positive aspects waiting in the near future. But i need to take the action to make these dreams a reality.
Thanks for taking the time to read this weeks post. Have fun guys.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A view of the situation with the Celtic

Hi all.
The reading i decided to do today covers a difficult situation i am currently going through, so i turned inward, and to the Druidcraft to see what assistance i could recieve. My question was, "how can i get myself out of this situation?"
Significator - The Magician
Cover card== > Justice
Justice is my card that relates to my star sign, Libra. And i can relate very well to qualities represented in this card. A need for balance and understanding. As well as fairness and complacency.
Crossing card== >Six of Cups(rx)
I feel that this card is pointing out my neglect to let go of harmfull, or perhaps now not so important things from the past. Its time to realise that whats done is done and to sit and dwell on such things will only bring pain. Moving on to brighter things is the only way of letting go.
Basis== >Three of Pentacles
The three here i feel provides a strong basis to why things are as they are. One of the things i want most is for my work to be recognized and the effort put in to be appreciated. Perhaps the advice this card is offering would be to realize that having everyones approval is comforting, its not everything. Pride in ones work should for the self firstly, then others.
Recent Past== >Prince of Pentacles
I am really stumped with this card in its position. The only thing i could think of is, that my laid back nature in regards to the situation is diminishing. I realise now that in order to achieve what needs to be done i need to get things moving again.
Possible Outcome== >Cernunnos
With this being the possible outcome, i feel that i should not become to entangled within things that i might later find difficult to escape. Rather explore the idea to its fullest, scrutinizing each aspect of the situation to secure the best possible outcome that would be most beneficial in the long run. The potential for a successfull solution to the problem is there, i think as the texts and image on the card suggest, waking up to find what is real.
Near Future== >Six of Wands(rx)
Not the best thoughts as the near future, but if i were to look at this card in another way, it might represent breaking free of some dominating factor which could be adding to the situation. Realizing that to follow my own actions, rather than relying on others may be what gets me through the time to come.
Self== >Nine of Pentacles(rx)
I think this card is speaking of a lack of trying to put it simply. I need to accept that the way things are progressing, may be enforced by my failure to counter the negative influences surrounding it. What im been given is not enough and for some reason i feel i need more though mabye the clue to this card is to appreciate what i have rather than focus of what i have'nt.
Environment== >Prince of Cups
The environment im in is actually a very loving and caring one, although at times it may not seem so. Although at times it may be contributing to the act of not doing much at all, rather than making things happen. This is a place of creative inspiration and positive encouragement, but as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.
Hope and Fears== >
I believe what this card is saying is very true. My biggest fear at the moment is not making my ambitions for a solid, centered lifestyle a reality. Or as another viewpoint, the projects im currently undertaking will not come to fruition. Confidence and a balanced structure or whats needed to bring security into play.
Outcome== >Five of Swords
Once again, not the best card for its position, but i believe it can be avoided if the right measures are taken. The reason for the Five coming up, could be from doing nothing from the state of Cernunnos. But what i feel this card is also pointing to is, to not attack the situation unprepared. Thinking calmly and using my knowledge to the best of my ability, could help in this time of struggle.
Thanks for bearing with me through this long reading. I feel i have gotten the basic idea of hat is needed but am still unclear on one or two cards so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Job

This is my first reading with the Druidcraft and i think it came out pretty well. I have applied for a new job that could bring alot of security and comfort if i get it, so i thought id ask the cards and see how things look. Its a three card reading just to get a basic idea of what i can expect, and also what is positive and negative about the job.
Position 1 ~ Positive forces
Position 2 ~ Negative forces
Position 3 ~ Outcome
1) Fferyllt ===>
What i make of this card is that i am currently in a good state of mind, peacefull, relaxed and ready to blend the old with the new. The mixing of the two says to me that i am able to undertake this job with confidence and eagerness to experiment with something new, while the Rainbow is a sign of hope and good things to come.
2.) Queen of Cups===>
Oh boy! I have a strong feeling this card is speaking of a certain someone important in my life, but at the same time, knows how to easily sway me in another direction. She is attractive, charming and i am easily taken in by her influence. Love is blind!! What i think the card may also be refering to is my overactive imagination which has got me into trouble in the past. The Queen in this picture reminds me of an old witch! So i should be wary to someone trying to fool me with powers of persuasion.
3.) Ace of Cups (rx)===>
If i were to take this card in a yes/no way, i would say the outcome is yes, but because its reversed it could mean no(thanks to Fudge for this). The power of Aces indicate positivity but mabye i should think things through carefully and establish what would be most important before jumping into something i may later regret.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

PDR Week Six - A helping hand

I must say without a doubt that this weeks reading has me fairly puzzled.
My Mother has been going through quite a rough time as of late, so i done a reading and the asked the cards, " what can i do to help ".
The positions i chose for each card represents what i think is needed on both our parts, so she can get back on her feet.
1.) What i need to do.
2.) What she needs to do.
3.) Advice
The cards i drew for the reading were all Cups! My first impression was that a lot of love is needed to lay the groundwork for whats to come. Or, feelings of hostility to should loosed, so that things can grow again.
1.) 2 of Cups==>
The images on the card appear to me to be almost mirror images of each other. Suggesting unity and balance. The one could almost not exist without out the other, and i think that represents the come between mother and child. What i need to do is be that opposite in a way, remind her of the good in life, show her that she's still appreciated no matter how old i get lol!
2.) Queen of Cups==>
She is a woman who has achieved alot in her life through hard work and maintaining a discipline helping others where she can over the years. But she is human after all, so the things in life get people down. Mabye its time to look for the inspiration that started everything in the first place. The woven model in the picture i think represents the dedication and confidence of knowing that the queen possess. But since its made of earthly material, its still vulnerable to earthly causes.
3.) 9 of Cups(rx)==>
I think this card is saying that all that been desired is on the horizon, but because the card is reversed, mabye the time has'nt come yet for the goal to be claimed. Some work on all fronts needs to be done, but with a good partnership, things will work out.
As you can see i am very confused here and there with this reading with all the Cups. Anyone have any ideas!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

PDR Week Five - The week ahead

I gave my first reading with this deck a few days ago, and it actually came out pretty well. Just a five card spread to get a general view.

In light of this i decided to make the question for week fives reading " How can i achieve my goal this week? ". The positions for the cards were:

Card 1) Self

Card 2) Environment

Card 3) Positive forces

Card 4) Opposing forces

Card 5) Advice

The Sun(rx)==>

This card explains how im feeling perfectly. It feels like my sun has gone down and the cloud has come in threatning rain. Mabye its time to get out the raincoat and find out what exactly is cause of the sun clouded over.

The Empress==>

There is plently of room for growth and really making my goal bloom if i put the effort in to doing so. The way the leopard is lying on the tree compliments the emphasis of the sun card in that i cant lie back and wait for things to come to me.

Page of Coins==>

Here i see the lazy leopard transformed into the Puma. Leaping forward, intent and focused in its direction and focus. Knowing it has all the abilities needed to attain its goals. Driven by instincts.

The Magician(rx)==>

I cant let the cloud over the sun dampen the creative drive, or natural elements. I should find a way to put my talents to use through hard work and dedication, rather than slipping around getting by where and how i can.

8 of Cups(rx)==>

I think exactly like the little crab on the card, its time to stop dreaming and find the strength to tame the dreams and make them real. The LWB says letting go of a defense attitude. I think this is very important it discovering new things and embracing what life has to offer.

The reading was fairly clear for me on what i should focus on this week but any further insight would be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PDR Week Four

For this weeks reading i chose to ask "What will happen if i get this job?". The three cards i drew were - 8 of coins(rx) - Page of swords - The Hierophant(rx). Finance==> i think first off the 8 is telling me that things will stay the same financially, at least for now. So it may take a bit longer to build up again than what i expect, but i should'nt allow this for me to have a negative attitude at work. Rather carry on learning and working rather let things become stagnant. Environment==> the keywords in the LWB for the page say, "Beware of spies". What i think this card is trying to tell me is that people may try manipulate or take advantage of me especially in the work environment based on the fact im new and dont have a ideal view of the system yet. Taking it in another direction, this card may be telling me that my mental worries may soon be over. Advice==> i shouldnt let myself become tied down by limited thinking, or approaches to situations. Mabye whats its saying is i shouldnt take this job and just be happy with what i have, try to be flexible and adapt to the surroundings so that i can grow again. Thanks for taking the time to read this and any comments are appreciated. This reading is in anticipation of a new job prospect. Hold thumbs!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reflection on The Moon

To me this is one of the most beautifull cards in the deck. The mixed blues of the moon in the backround, with the two crows i particulary striking. The two keywords printed on the bottom of the card fit in very well with the overall meaning and atmosphere projected. As is known with the moon, this card tells of a land, or time of madness and absolute bliss, the best parts of ourselves and the energies around us. I think the two crows in the picture represent the two pillars normally seen in other decks like the Rider-waite. And the single star in the left corner, the destination or objective. The basic meaning given to this card of the deck, follows very closely with many others suggesting dark thoughts or unparalleled vision. There is also a very calming feel to the card, if i look at it for too long i feel myself drifting away.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

PDR Reading Week Three

This is my reading for Week Three. The question i chose for this weeks reading was, " How successfull will my year be?" I drew 5 cards in the following positions: card one - Current situation. Card 2 - advice to the situation. Card 3 - Finances. Card 4 - Work. Card 5 - Love. The cards i drew were, 9 of swords - The Tower - 9 of coins(rx) - Justice(rx) - The High priestess(rx). This was an interesting reading for me because it showed me alot of the unexpected. With the 9 of swords, i dont think this card in its position can be very good lol. It tells me im currently going through a lot of turmoil, some of it real, some not. With this card, it also tells me of a need to express power and intellect with reason above all. Which is very true because this year i have taken a very different mental attitude towards life. What the Tower shows me with my new view of life so to speak, its definately time to start making some serious changes and realize that time waits for no one. Leave behind what i know and stop making excuses to move forward. Mabye even be aggressive and focus on what was also mentioned earlier. As things stand, things cant better if i do nothing, only stay the same or get worse. Now with deck the 9 of coins in this position, actually speaks of wealth. Just mabye not gained in the best of ways. I hope i dont get involved with animal smuggling or something! Work wise, even though Justice is reversed, it says to me that things will be moving along nicely i just may come across one or two important decisions where which i may regret later, or be unable to make a proper decision at all. What the High Priestess tells me is that things could get very interesting in my current relationship, or perhaps even someone from my past coming back? Mabye ill finally be able find out what eating her and she has'nt said anything. Thats what i got from my reading for this week. Ive put the images up for all to see. I hope they're clear enough for you guys!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anger management

From time to time i have noticed that i can have a temper. Not violent
or anythimg but lose my cool over the small things. Like when a friend
lets you down. Or when i lost my ipod. Or when it becomes so
difficult to post pictures on a blog! I decided to ask the cards what
should i most remember in times like these. The first card i drew was
the 8 of wandsrx. What i feel this card is telling me is that i dont
allow myself to act properly when these situations arise. I need to be
more focused in my actions i take. The second card was the Ace of
cups. Perhaps this card is trying to let me know victi need to be in a
clear state of thinking when these situations arise. Dont let any
negative emotions grab hold of me and let anger pulle. Lastly was the
hanged man. I decide to stay with the natural meaning and mabye take
the time to reflect on whats most important . Mabye even try something
different. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way and could give
some advice. Im not trying to say i freak out over the smallest thing.
But need to learn to control myself when i feel upset or annoyed at
something. Im to a happy place... Happy place! Im still not able to
post pictures on here but am working on it. You see its things like
that. Ive done everything blogspot asked to email them pictures but
still nothing. Happy place, happy place. I think the crows magick
cards are also very usefull for meditation on things like this. Thanks
for reading about my current dilemma.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reading regarding with sale of house

I done a reading this afternoon regarding the sale of my house. Using
the crows magick tarot i drew three cards in the following positions.
Card one=> why are we selling the house. Card two=> will the sale be
successfull. Card three=> advice to the question. 1.) page
of coins: i believe this card is emphasizing our current financial
situation, as ve bonds have skyrocketed in our area.
2.) four of wands: i believe this card is indicating that
our sale will be successfull and will give the financial security to
secure a new house for the future. 3.) two of
wands (rx): we have to decide if we are going to sell the house. The
longer we wait the less chance of moving out of this situation.
This reading is not part of the PDR but is important in
that we have been offered decent prices for the house and need to act
on them soon. With the page, four and two i see a good chance of
things going well in the immediate future. The animal spirit in the
cards had a reassuring aspect despite the dark physicallity of the

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moved post from AT... IV The Emperor

The first words that come to my mind when i think of the emperor are stability, power and control. With the crows magick tarot, and the owl depicted on the card i think this is an reasonable assumption. I think this can also be a card symbolizing great independance and discipline through motivation and self control. Not independance in the solitary aspect, but rather in the confidence of knowing. An owl in the animal world is sometimes seen as a "King of birds" so when used as the emperor card i think it fits nicely into the persona. And just the the emperor, the owl can also be cunning, aggressive and perhaps even dominant, as with the picture on the card, the claws are extended perhaps showing its desire to intimidate or even control. And through this i see mabye even an arrogance through over confidence and unwillingness to co-operate. When using this deck, if the emperor comes up in a reading, i normally take it as a strong message from a very strong card. Aries is the only zodiac symbol on this card whereas on some of the others there can be three. And in this i think it emphasises the individuality of the emperor and the owl. A figure respected and revered.

Moved posts from AT... week 1.

Got a blog set up so I'm first moving posts from AT if anyone hasn't followed along.
I'm using Crow's Magick for my study.

The first reading of this project and i an very excited. For the first reading my question was "How can i best achieve my goal this month". Using the Celtic Cross spread i pulled the cards as follows.(using crows magick tarot. Card 1 - 8 of wands. Position - current living environment. Im currently living a very fast paced lifestyle and might need to slow down abit. Take some to get facts straight. Card 2 - the chariot. Position -immediate obstacles. I think its telling me i need to get my priorities in order. Nothing will happen if i dont learn how to balance what i need and what i want. Card 3 - page of swords. Position - the best that can be accomplished at this time. I think this card is tryin to tell me to take things with a pinch of salt. Dont be to quick to make decisions i might later regret. Card 4 - 4 of swords. Position - effects of distant past. The last few months have been tryin and mabye some rest and time to focus is needed. Card 5 - ace of coins(RX). Position - recent past. Focusing to much on things that are not really important and not enough time on things that are. Card 6 - queen of cups. Position - future influence. It might be time to turn to someone who i know can help. Or mabye a little more devotion is required on my part. Card 7 - the emperor. Position - the questioner. Things are upside down at the moment and i need to bring some order and control. Card 8 - the hermit(RX). Position - how others see you. I may be wrong but i see this card as telling me others think i need to get out more and start embracing life. Card 9 - 10 of coins(RX). Position - hopes and fears. Not taking enough risks. Be bold and adventurous. Card 10 - 7 of coins. Position - likely outcome. Things look good if i stay focused and concentrate on my goal at hand. Thats just a few thoughts on my side. Anyone else got any ideas? Thanks.