Sunday, February 1, 2009

PDR Week Five - The week ahead

I gave my first reading with this deck a few days ago, and it actually came out pretty well. Just a five card spread to get a general view.

In light of this i decided to make the question for week fives reading " How can i achieve my goal this week? ". The positions for the cards were:

Card 1) Self

Card 2) Environment

Card 3) Positive forces

Card 4) Opposing forces

Card 5) Advice

The Sun(rx)==>

This card explains how im feeling perfectly. It feels like my sun has gone down and the cloud has come in threatning rain. Mabye its time to get out the raincoat and find out what exactly is cause of the sun clouded over.

The Empress==>

There is plently of room for growth and really making my goal bloom if i put the effort in to doing so. The way the leopard is lying on the tree compliments the emphasis of the sun card in that i cant lie back and wait for things to come to me.

Page of Coins==>

Here i see the lazy leopard transformed into the Puma. Leaping forward, intent and focused in its direction and focus. Knowing it has all the abilities needed to attain its goals. Driven by instincts.

The Magician(rx)==>

I cant let the cloud over the sun dampen the creative drive, or natural elements. I should find a way to put my talents to use through hard work and dedication, rather than slipping around getting by where and how i can.

8 of Cups(rx)==>

I think exactly like the little crab on the card, its time to stop dreaming and find the strength to tame the dreams and make them real. The LWB says letting go of a defense attitude. I think this is very important it discovering new things and embracing what life has to offer.

The reading was fairly clear for me on what i should focus on this week but any further insight would be appreciated.


myrrha said...

You did a great job reading these cards. I like how they take on meaning by how they relate to each other in the spread, with the lazy panther becoming the leaping puma.

Jyscal said...

Thanks! Thats what struck me first off when seeing the card.

firefrost said...

I think it's amazing that you can read with them anyway! I like how you've got yor page now. :)

Jyscal said...

Thanks firefrost. Im not finding it easy trust me!! I wish i could do more to the blog though.