Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A view of the situation with the Celtic

Hi all.
The reading i decided to do today covers a difficult situation i am currently going through, so i turned inward, and to the Druidcraft to see what assistance i could recieve. My question was, "how can i get myself out of this situation?"
Significator - The Magician
Cover card== > Justice
Justice is my card that relates to my star sign, Libra. And i can relate very well to qualities represented in this card. A need for balance and understanding. As well as fairness and complacency.
Crossing card== >Six of Cups(rx)
I feel that this card is pointing out my neglect to let go of harmfull, or perhaps now not so important things from the past. Its time to realise that whats done is done and to sit and dwell on such things will only bring pain. Moving on to brighter things is the only way of letting go.
Basis== >Three of Pentacles
The three here i feel provides a strong basis to why things are as they are. One of the things i want most is for my work to be recognized and the effort put in to be appreciated. Perhaps the advice this card is offering would be to realize that having everyones approval is comforting, its not everything. Pride in ones work should for the self firstly, then others.
Recent Past== >Prince of Pentacles
I am really stumped with this card in its position. The only thing i could think of is, that my laid back nature in regards to the situation is diminishing. I realise now that in order to achieve what needs to be done i need to get things moving again.
Possible Outcome== >Cernunnos
With this being the possible outcome, i feel that i should not become to entangled within things that i might later find difficult to escape. Rather explore the idea to its fullest, scrutinizing each aspect of the situation to secure the best possible outcome that would be most beneficial in the long run. The potential for a successfull solution to the problem is there, i think as the texts and image on the card suggest, waking up to find what is real.
Near Future== >Six of Wands(rx)
Not the best thoughts as the near future, but if i were to look at this card in another way, it might represent breaking free of some dominating factor which could be adding to the situation. Realizing that to follow my own actions, rather than relying on others may be what gets me through the time to come.
Self== >Nine of Pentacles(rx)
I think this card is speaking of a lack of trying to put it simply. I need to accept that the way things are progressing, may be enforced by my failure to counter the negative influences surrounding it. What im been given is not enough and for some reason i feel i need more though mabye the clue to this card is to appreciate what i have rather than focus of what i have'nt.
Environment== >Prince of Cups
The environment im in is actually a very loving and caring one, although at times it may not seem so. Although at times it may be contributing to the act of not doing much at all, rather than making things happen. This is a place of creative inspiration and positive encouragement, but as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.
Hope and Fears== >
I believe what this card is saying is very true. My biggest fear at the moment is not making my ambitions for a solid, centered lifestyle a reality. Or as another viewpoint, the projects im currently undertaking will not come to fruition. Confidence and a balanced structure or whats needed to bring security into play.
Outcome== >Five of Swords
Once again, not the best card for its position, but i believe it can be avoided if the right measures are taken. The reason for the Five coming up, could be from doing nothing from the state of Cernunnos. But what i feel this card is also pointing to is, to not attack the situation unprepared. Thinking calmly and using my knowledge to the best of my ability, could help in this time of struggle.
Thanks for bearing with me through this long reading. I feel i have gotten the basic idea of hat is needed but am still unclear on one or two cards so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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