Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moved posts from AT... week 1.

Got a blog set up so I'm first moving posts from AT if anyone hasn't followed along.
I'm using Crow's Magick for my study.

The first reading of this project and i an very excited. For the first reading my question was "How can i best achieve my goal this month". Using the Celtic Cross spread i pulled the cards as follows.(using crows magick tarot. Card 1 - 8 of wands. Position - current living environment. Im currently living a very fast paced lifestyle and might need to slow down abit. Take some to get facts straight. Card 2 - the chariot. Position -immediate obstacles. I think its telling me i need to get my priorities in order. Nothing will happen if i dont learn how to balance what i need and what i want. Card 3 - page of swords. Position - the best that can be accomplished at this time. I think this card is tryin to tell me to take things with a pinch of salt. Dont be to quick to make decisions i might later regret. Card 4 - 4 of swords. Position - effects of distant past. The last few months have been tryin and mabye some rest and time to focus is needed. Card 5 - ace of coins(RX). Position - recent past. Focusing to much on things that are not really important and not enough time on things that are. Card 6 - queen of cups. Position - future influence. It might be time to turn to someone who i know can help. Or mabye a little more devotion is required on my part. Card 7 - the emperor. Position - the questioner. Things are upside down at the moment and i need to bring some order and control. Card 8 - the hermit(RX). Position - how others see you. I may be wrong but i see this card as telling me others think i need to get out more and start embracing life. Card 9 - 10 of coins(RX). Position - hopes and fears. Not taking enough risks. Be bold and adventurous. Card 10 - 7 of coins. Position - likely outcome. Things look good if i stay focused and concentrate on my goal at hand. Thats just a few thoughts on my side. Anyone else got any ideas? Thanks.

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