Sunday, January 18, 2009

PDR Reading Week Three

This is my reading for Week Three. The question i chose for this weeks reading was, " How successfull will my year be?" I drew 5 cards in the following positions: card one - Current situation. Card 2 - advice to the situation. Card 3 - Finances. Card 4 - Work. Card 5 - Love. The cards i drew were, 9 of swords - The Tower - 9 of coins(rx) - Justice(rx) - The High priestess(rx). This was an interesting reading for me because it showed me alot of the unexpected. With the 9 of swords, i dont think this card in its position can be very good lol. It tells me im currently going through a lot of turmoil, some of it real, some not. With this card, it also tells me of a need to express power and intellect with reason above all. Which is very true because this year i have taken a very different mental attitude towards life. What the Tower shows me with my new view of life so to speak, its definately time to start making some serious changes and realize that time waits for no one. Leave behind what i know and stop making excuses to move forward. Mabye even be aggressive and focus on what was also mentioned earlier. As things stand, things cant better if i do nothing, only stay the same or get worse. Now with deck the 9 of coins in this position, actually speaks of wealth. Just mabye not gained in the best of ways. I hope i dont get involved with animal smuggling or something! Work wise, even though Justice is reversed, it says to me that things will be moving along nicely i just may come across one or two important decisions where which i may regret later, or be unable to make a proper decision at all. What the High Priestess tells me is that things could get very interesting in my current relationship, or perhaps even someone from my past coming back? Mabye ill finally be able find out what eating her and she has'nt said anything. Thats what i got from my reading for this week. Ive put the images up for all to see. I hope they're clear enough for you guys!

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