Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reading regarding with sale of house

I done a reading this afternoon regarding the sale of my house. Using
the crows magick tarot i drew three cards in the following positions.
Card one=> why are we selling the house. Card two=> will the sale be
successfull. Card three=> advice to the question. 1.) page
of coins: i believe this card is emphasizing our current financial
situation, as ve bonds have skyrocketed in our area.
2.) four of wands: i believe this card is indicating that
our sale will be successfull and will give the financial security to
secure a new house for the future. 3.) two of
wands (rx): we have to decide if we are going to sell the house. The
longer we wait the less chance of moving out of this situation.
This reading is not part of the PDR but is important in
that we have been offered decent prices for the house and need to act
on them soon. With the page, four and two i see a good chance of
things going well in the immediate future. The animal spirit in the
cards had a reassuring aspect despite the dark physicallity of the


Roxanne / faunabay said...

You said this reading isn't a part of the PDR, but I hope you don't mind a comment.

As I don't have this deck I can't look at the cards....which I like to do to get pointers from the artwork. But from what you've said it does seem to be that the sale of your house would be a good thing at this time. Having the 4 of Wands be a successful sale.... sounds pretty good to me. :) And the 2 of wands rx.....the 2 of wands to me usually means the planning stage of doing the actual movement. And to have it reversed here means you should forgo the planning and get to least me me it does. Very interesting reading.

Jyscal said...

Thanks poxanne! Sure i dont mind comments on any of my posts. We have decided against selling at this stage despite good signs from the cardsfor a number of reasons. Ill be doing a follow up reading in week three's PDR.