Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emotional Clutter

I've been feeling a little down lately so for this weeks reading, i felt like using a Emotional clutter spread that was used in a COS a few weeks ago. It's a five card spread that helps with finding out about issues that may be affecting your life. The reading was a kind of confusing for me as most of the cards turned up reversed.
1.)What kind of emotional clutter have i accumulated?
2.)How is it affecting me?
3.)How is it affecting my relationships with others?
4.)What steps can i take to remove this clutter?
5.)What can i do to avoid accumulating clutter in the future?
1.)Six of pentacles
From this card, i think the clutter it may be referring to is my need to try and help who i can that mabye now is the time to focus on aspects of my own life, on the other hand it could be pointing to my being to dependant on others, or taking to much interest in material things. I think the balancing of this card plays a big role as things are a bit jumbled at the moment.
2.)The Sun(rx)
The Sun to me is a very positive card whether upright or reversed, and i think it emphasises the fact well that things are'nt as bad as they seem. The events in my life have all come from good intentions and try to do the right thing, so i agree with this card in saying that the energy needed may take a little longer to refresh.
3.)Princess of cups(rx)
The way in which this princess is holding her chalice suggests to me that things she values in life really mean alot to her and she dose'nt want to let them go, or let anything come between them. Because the card is reversed is my case the only thing i can think of is that my current clutter is preventing me from making new connections and putting a strain on my current ones, as because the princess is now reversed, it's harder for her to hold on to that cup.
4.)Ace of Wands(rx)
My initial instincts told tell me that this card needs to be turned upright. The bright sun in this card i think represents coming into the light and laying things out in the open. The passion to carry on is there but i think with the ace reversed, it is advising to not take on anything new at this stage. I feel with this card i need to gain the positive power of the Ace upright.
5.)Four of pentacles(rx)This is the second time the Four has been the final card of my reading, and once again im pretty confused as to its meaning in this position. What i get is the card is saying i should be more open with who i help in telling them how i can handle things. This card is very confusing so ill just stop there lol.
Overall i think this reading shows how issues in my life need to be taken care of and how they are at this time. It will take me awhile i think to understand it clearly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New business.

For this weeks reading, i decided to do to try the lunar spread also found in the Druidcraft book, and the question i asked was "How will the new business take off". It is a smaller spread so also added some pictures. The spread i found is very usefull in new beginnings. The positions of the cards were,
1)The place of the unknown
2)The place of the known
3)The place of promise
4)The place of increase
5)The place of fulfilment
6)The place of rebirth
With this card relating to the fears and anxieties of the issue, i think firstly it points to the fears of never really getting off the ground, or on the other hand, focusing to much that nothing else matters. With Cernunnos standing watch in the back round though, another fear of somebody else might be getting involved and try to take control, leaving little else to do.
2)Princess of Wands
This cards position basically stands for hopes and wishes in the situation. I think it very clearly emphasizes the enthusiasm being put in, and wish for a healthy start. The princess is almost poised for action so i think this suggests hoping the business is solid enough to keep itself running with constant attention, as well as something that everybody can relate to.
3)Ten of Cups
With this card i think it compliments the purpose of the business in it is to provide a comfortable, loving environment through its use. Security and a feeling of satisfaction. As advice for the beginning stages, i think this card relates to having a positive attitude filled with confidence. Use you intuition and don,t be six to ask a game every now and then from friends or family.
I think the horn plays a significant part in signifying a need to reach out and let people know, rather than sitting idly by as then nothing will happen. Also i think not to be afraid to embrace change, which may come from long business hours eating into other aspects.
5)Queen of Swords
The queen relates to the potential outcome of the situation. If i look back to 2nd card, the situation started with a Princess and is ending with a Queen, so i think this points to a potentialy positive outcome, but with Swords, i think the road may be a bit difficult and a willingness to adapt as Rebirth comes before the Queen.
6)Four of Pentacles
What this position basicaly refers to is what is needed to let go of in order for this new creativity to aspire. It possibly is advising to accept things with a little more grace, and make sure things are kept in control and in order with some help from others. Im not to sure about this card, as to me it conflicts with the basic idea of expanding a business. Or possibly i need to look at it a little closer.