Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PDR Week Four

For this weeks reading i chose to ask "What will happen if i get this job?". The three cards i drew were - 8 of coins(rx) - Page of swords - The Hierophant(rx). Finance==> i think first off the 8 is telling me that things will stay the same financially, at least for now. So it may take a bit longer to build up again than what i expect, but i should'nt allow this for me to have a negative attitude at work. Rather carry on learning and working rather let things become stagnant. Environment==> the keywords in the LWB for the page say, "Beware of spies". What i think this card is trying to tell me is that people may try manipulate or take advantage of me especially in the work environment based on the fact im new and dont have a ideal view of the system yet. Taking it in another direction, this card may be telling me that my mental worries may soon be over. Advice==> i shouldnt let myself become tied down by limited thinking, or approaches to situations. Mabye whats its saying is i shouldnt take this job and just be happy with what i have, try to be flexible and adapt to the surroundings so that i can grow again. Thanks for taking the time to read this and any comments are appreciated. This reading is in anticipation of a new job prospect. Hold thumbs!

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