Saturday, February 7, 2009

PDR Week Six - A helping hand

I must say without a doubt that this weeks reading has me fairly puzzled.
My Mother has been going through quite a rough time as of late, so i done a reading and the asked the cards, " what can i do to help ".
The positions i chose for each card represents what i think is needed on both our parts, so she can get back on her feet.
1.) What i need to do.
2.) What she needs to do.
3.) Advice
The cards i drew for the reading were all Cups! My first impression was that a lot of love is needed to lay the groundwork for whats to come. Or, feelings of hostility to should loosed, so that things can grow again.
1.) 2 of Cups==>
The images on the card appear to me to be almost mirror images of each other. Suggesting unity and balance. The one could almost not exist without out the other, and i think that represents the come between mother and child. What i need to do is be that opposite in a way, remind her of the good in life, show her that she's still appreciated no matter how old i get lol!
2.) Queen of Cups==>
She is a woman who has achieved alot in her life through hard work and maintaining a discipline helping others where she can over the years. But she is human after all, so the things in life get people down. Mabye its time to look for the inspiration that started everything in the first place. The woven model in the picture i think represents the dedication and confidence of knowing that the queen possess. But since its made of earthly material, its still vulnerable to earthly causes.
3.) 9 of Cups(rx)==>
I think this card is saying that all that been desired is on the horizon, but because the card is reversed, mabye the time has'nt come yet for the goal to be claimed. Some work on all fronts needs to be done, but with a good partnership, things will work out.
As you can see i am very confused here and there with this reading with all the Cups. Anyone have any ideas!


Essjay said...

The 9 of Cups (rvs) has been bugging me all day. Is it possible that rather than being on the horizon your Mum has reaped the rewards for all her hard work but can no-longer see the woods for the trees. Everything she has ever wanted is around her but she's unable to see it at the moment? Sorry if this is really off the mark but that card has really been on my mind!

Jyscal said...

Thanks essjay. It does make sense, im always tryin to tell her that theres more to life than what she sees. Thanks for the input!