Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Job

This is my first reading with the Druidcraft and i think it came out pretty well. I have applied for a new job that could bring alot of security and comfort if i get it, so i thought id ask the cards and see how things look. Its a three card reading just to get a basic idea of what i can expect, and also what is positive and negative about the job.
Position 1 ~ Positive forces
Position 2 ~ Negative forces
Position 3 ~ Outcome
1) Fferyllt ===>
What i make of this card is that i am currently in a good state of mind, peacefull, relaxed and ready to blend the old with the new. The mixing of the two says to me that i am able to undertake this job with confidence and eagerness to experiment with something new, while the Rainbow is a sign of hope and good things to come.
2.) Queen of Cups===>
Oh boy! I have a strong feeling this card is speaking of a certain someone important in my life, but at the same time, knows how to easily sway me in another direction. She is attractive, charming and i am easily taken in by her influence. Love is blind!! What i think the card may also be refering to is my overactive imagination which has got me into trouble in the past. The Queen in this picture reminds me of an old witch! So i should be wary to someone trying to fool me with powers of persuasion.
3.) Ace of Cups (rx)===>
If i were to take this card in a yes/no way, i would say the outcome is yes, but because its reversed it could mean no(thanks to Fudge for this). The power of Aces indicate positivity but mabye i should think things through carefully and establish what would be most important before jumping into something i may later regret.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

PDR Week Six - A helping hand

I must say without a doubt that this weeks reading has me fairly puzzled.
My Mother has been going through quite a rough time as of late, so i done a reading and the asked the cards, " what can i do to help ".
The positions i chose for each card represents what i think is needed on both our parts, so she can get back on her feet.
1.) What i need to do.
2.) What she needs to do.
3.) Advice
The cards i drew for the reading were all Cups! My first impression was that a lot of love is needed to lay the groundwork for whats to come. Or, feelings of hostility to should loosed, so that things can grow again.
1.) 2 of Cups==>
The images on the card appear to me to be almost mirror images of each other. Suggesting unity and balance. The one could almost not exist without out the other, and i think that represents the come between mother and child. What i need to do is be that opposite in a way, remind her of the good in life, show her that she's still appreciated no matter how old i get lol!
2.) Queen of Cups==>
She is a woman who has achieved alot in her life through hard work and maintaining a discipline helping others where she can over the years. But she is human after all, so the things in life get people down. Mabye its time to look for the inspiration that started everything in the first place. The woven model in the picture i think represents the dedication and confidence of knowing that the queen possess. But since its made of earthly material, its still vulnerable to earthly causes.
3.) 9 of Cups(rx)==>
I think this card is saying that all that been desired is on the horizon, but because the card is reversed, mabye the time has'nt come yet for the goal to be claimed. Some work on all fronts needs to be done, but with a good partnership, things will work out.
As you can see i am very confused here and there with this reading with all the Cups. Anyone have any ideas!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

PDR Week Five - The week ahead

I gave my first reading with this deck a few days ago, and it actually came out pretty well. Just a five card spread to get a general view.

In light of this i decided to make the question for week fives reading " How can i achieve my goal this week? ". The positions for the cards were:

Card 1) Self

Card 2) Environment

Card 3) Positive forces

Card 4) Opposing forces

Card 5) Advice

The Sun(rx)==>

This card explains how im feeling perfectly. It feels like my sun has gone down and the cloud has come in threatning rain. Mabye its time to get out the raincoat and find out what exactly is cause of the sun clouded over.

The Empress==>

There is plently of room for growth and really making my goal bloom if i put the effort in to doing so. The way the leopard is lying on the tree compliments the emphasis of the sun card in that i cant lie back and wait for things to come to me.

Page of Coins==>

Here i see the lazy leopard transformed into the Puma. Leaping forward, intent and focused in its direction and focus. Knowing it has all the abilities needed to attain its goals. Driven by instincts.

The Magician(rx)==>

I cant let the cloud over the sun dampen the creative drive, or natural elements. I should find a way to put my talents to use through hard work and dedication, rather than slipping around getting by where and how i can.

8 of Cups(rx)==>

I think exactly like the little crab on the card, its time to stop dreaming and find the strength to tame the dreams and make them real. The LWB says letting go of a defense attitude. I think this is very important it discovering new things and embracing what life has to offer.

The reading was fairly clear for me on what i should focus on this week but any further insight would be appreciated.