Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anger management

From time to time i have noticed that i can have a temper. Not violent
or anythimg but lose my cool over the small things. Like when a friend
lets you down. Or when i lost my ipod. Or when it becomes so
difficult to post pictures on a blog! I decided to ask the cards what
should i most remember in times like these. The first card i drew was
the 8 of wandsrx. What i feel this card is telling me is that i dont
allow myself to act properly when these situations arise. I need to be
more focused in my actions i take. The second card was the Ace of
cups. Perhaps this card is trying to let me know victi need to be in a
clear state of thinking when these situations arise. Dont let any
negative emotions grab hold of me and let anger pulle. Lastly was the
hanged man. I decide to stay with the natural meaning and mabye take
the time to reflect on whats most important . Mabye even try something
different. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way and could give
some advice. Im not trying to say i freak out over the smallest thing.
But need to learn to control myself when i feel upset or annoyed at
something. Im to a happy place... Happy place! Im still not able to
post pictures on here but am working on it. You see its things like
that. Ive done everything blogspot asked to email them pictures but
still nothing. Happy place, happy place. I think the crows magick
cards are also very usefull for meditation on things like this. Thanks
for reading about my current dilemma.


firefrost said...

It is difficult to comment without seeing the cards, so referring back to the RWS meanings:

The Eight of Wands is about speed, so reversed it's telling you to slow down and think before you get angry over something.

The Ace of Cups is about new love, so perhaps the cards are telling you to slow down and learn to love and live with yourself in your new persona.

Easier said than done, but it's something you can work on.

Urieh said...

I saw the cards on (Google the two words "" and "tarot"). What a violent image on that 8 of Wands. Can't help to see a warning there. "Act instead of react" as the old AA saying goes. As for the Ace of Cups and Hanged Man, since eagles prevalent in both, so related---a warning that possible heart trouble in the future (The Ace of Cups as the old ticker itself and the Hanged Man as some sort of retraction or hospital device).

Jyscal said...

Thanks for the comments! Im always excited to find new ways of looking at the cards. I do lead a fast life so it might be time to slow down and think. Ill do my best to get pics up asap!

Karl Thomas said...

I had a look on iterhobby. Beautiful deck!

I can relate completely to the anger thing. One thing that helps me to deal is the separation of cups and swords, as it were.

The anger comes. By itself, it is ok. But then come thoughts on it. Thinking on the emotion of anger, reflecting on it, or brooding, amplifies it.

So there are some thought tunnels down which there simply is no cheese.

Your willingness to explore this instant, non-optional seeming anger is half of your solution: you're on the path.

(Hey KK, are you in the secret club?)