Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moved post from AT... IV The Emperor

The first words that come to my mind when i think of the emperor are stability, power and control. With the crows magick tarot, and the owl depicted on the card i think this is an reasonable assumption. I think this can also be a card symbolizing great independance and discipline through motivation and self control. Not independance in the solitary aspect, but rather in the confidence of knowing. An owl in the animal world is sometimes seen as a "King of birds" so when used as the emperor card i think it fits nicely into the persona. And just the the emperor, the owl can also be cunning, aggressive and perhaps even dominant, as with the picture on the card, the claws are extended perhaps showing its desire to intimidate or even control. And through this i see mabye even an arrogance through over confidence and unwillingness to co-operate. When using this deck, if the emperor comes up in a reading, i normally take it as a strong message from a very strong card. Aries is the only zodiac symbol on this card whereas on some of the others there can be three. And in this i think it emphasises the individuality of the emperor and the owl. A figure respected and revered.


souljourney said...
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Karl Thomas said...

This looks like a pretty solid view of the Emperor, to me. I haven't really found a comfortable relationship with this major yet: the leadership and power aspects of emperor challenge me. Something about the eagle helps me understand the card better. Thanks for the post!

Jyscal said...

Thank karl. When i wrte this post i tried to let the words come naturally rather than sticking to basic card meanings. But i did blend the two and i think it came out ok.