Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Job

This is my first reading with the Druidcraft and i think it came out pretty well. I have applied for a new job that could bring alot of security and comfort if i get it, so i thought id ask the cards and see how things look. Its a three card reading just to get a basic idea of what i can expect, and also what is positive and negative about the job.
Position 1 ~ Positive forces
Position 2 ~ Negative forces
Position 3 ~ Outcome
1) Fferyllt ===>
What i make of this card is that i am currently in a good state of mind, peacefull, relaxed and ready to blend the old with the new. The mixing of the two says to me that i am able to undertake this job with confidence and eagerness to experiment with something new, while the Rainbow is a sign of hope and good things to come.
2.) Queen of Cups===>
Oh boy! I have a strong feeling this card is speaking of a certain someone important in my life, but at the same time, knows how to easily sway me in another direction. She is attractive, charming and i am easily taken in by her influence. Love is blind!! What i think the card may also be refering to is my overactive imagination which has got me into trouble in the past. The Queen in this picture reminds me of an old witch! So i should be wary to someone trying to fool me with powers of persuasion.
3.) Ace of Cups (rx)===>
If i were to take this card in a yes/no way, i would say the outcome is yes, but because its reversed it could mean no(thanks to Fudge for this). The power of Aces indicate positivity but mabye i should think things through carefully and establish what would be most important before jumping into something i may later regret.


cherylleebest said...

I like this new deck of yours, Jyscal. I can't make out some of the details on the cards, though, e.g. I can't see the rainbow on the first card. Is the Druidcraft a pagan/wicca deck? If so, are there more symbolic elements to add to the reading? Fro example, I think there's a quarter moon in the top card, but I'm not quite sure.;)

SwimmingInTarot said...

There's a lot of liquid in this reading. I'm staying away from reversals at this moment. Perhaps this job could have unexpected spin-offs, not just increased cash flow, but some part of it could really affect you emotionally beyond the call of duty. The Fferyllt may suggest being careful to temper deep emotions and urges, to express them carefully in judicious quantities, lest you get drawn in "over your head" in a place you shouldn't be. I know this is vague!