Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spirit Guide Spread

For this weeks reading i decided to use K.K's spirit guide spread to see if there was a special message for me from my guide. For those who dont know the positions are,
1.)What should i remember that i am forgetting.
2.)What is my spirit guide trying to tell me?
3.)What is the advice my spirit guide is giving me?
4.)What would the outcome be if i followed this path?
I think this is a really interesting spread hat has alot to offer the reader.
1.) 10 of Cups(rx)
I think this card is pointing to my current situation with a friend of mine, and the overall message is that the conflict that is currently between us is uncalled for and totally senseless. We have always spoken of long term commitments leading to a prosperous future but recently have had an arguement that needs to be resolved.
2.) 4 of Cups
New and exciting things are being offered if i only take the time to heed the message and allow my inner self the choice of accepting them and moving forward. Or then again, this card could be speaking again of my conflict and stressing the need to relax and not antagonise it even further.
3.) The World(rx)
This card has come up twice so far this week, three times if you count the once upright and twice reversed. I believe the advice is once again telling me to make the choice of moving forward and not letting doubt and confusion take hold. I should Dance freely so that i can fully embrace the gifts The World upright has to offer.
4.) The Star
Its not often i recieve this card in a reading, but when i do i take it as a very positive message being sent. In its position i feel if i take the advice my guide has given me, there are only bright and positive aspects waiting in the near future. But i need to take the action to make these dreams a reality.
Thanks for taking the time to read this weeks post. Have fun guys.


cherylleebest said...

Hi, Jyscal! Are you going to post pictures of the cards, hon? I don't know this deck. :)

Essjay said...

The four of cups makes me think of your spirit guide almost tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention. Wonderful and positive reading, I must try K_K's spread too.

Sharyn said...

good job, nice to see you posting! Sharyn/Quirkeries/AJ

Onyx said...

It seems that many of us have tried the Spirit Guide spread and found some success with it. Thanks for sharing.

Jyscal said...

Thanks all! I've been a bit slow with the blogs lately but hopefully will have everything back on soon. This is a nice thread to work with can be really usefull.