Monday, March 30, 2009

A reading on whats to come

Things have been going ok lately, but there is an issue i need an answer to so i asked the cards "What can i expect in the upcoming weeks?" Its a question that has been on mind for quite a while now, so i thought id get a little guidance on the matter. The spread i chose for the reading is the Awen spread from the Druidcraft book and i think it worked rather well.
Cards 1, 4, 7 ~ Guiding ideas, Past
Queen of wands, The Lord, Nine of cups(rx)
With these three cards i think there is a certain amount of control that is apparent. The Queen and Lord side by side in the spread so i think this points to an arrangement of both enthusiasm as well as order. The nine i feel may be preparation of whats to come and need to clear out unwanted baggage. All three figures are seated, so i think grounding myself is the best option, as well as all three holding an object upright and firmly which could emphasise the point of solidity in structure and control. Overall what i feel is a wild time to begin with, but coming into focus later on.
Cards 2, 5, 8~ Emotional influences/factors
3 of swords(rx), The Hanged man, 8 of swords
The three of swords in the Past line, is indicating the sorrow that has been a big part for a long time, but now is passing as i enter into the stages of comfort and understanding in the hanged man. But ending with the eight of swords explains my current spot if things continue on this path. I think as the 3 is in the past, the main thing to focus on right now is to reclaim the peace that was lost, before any more sharp conflicts stir. I am happy to be in this phase, as i feel it is one of required transition.
Cards 3, 6, 9 ~ Effects in the physical world
Princess of cups, Queen of swords, Four of pentacles(rx)
What i personaly feel with these cards is they are showing the people to influence in a manner of speaking. The princess, i good friend who has been with me since almost the start, and the Queen a person who'e opinion matter alot. I think it may be these two will help turn the four rightside up.
When looking at the spread, i can definately see a pattern emerging but will need to examine it further to understand the elements better. I will be doing a follow up reading of this reading soon this week.


Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing your reading. Seems like you have a great handle on things.

Jyscal said...

Thanks! Im just trying to get things in focus, i'll explain more in the next post.